Mariwan Halabjayi

Profile of the author Mariwan Halabjayi
In 1963 he was born in the city of Sulaymaniyah and in the same year his father was executed for political reasons by the Iraqi authority at that time.

In 1967 he entered the orphanage until 1978.
In 1978 he finished middleschool.
In the same year he joined the Peshmerga forces.
In 1979 he was wounded in one of the battles and
was imprisoned by the government. In 1980, he was sentenced to death, but was releasedin 1982 by ageneralamnesty.
In 1982 he completed his schoole ducation in prison,but due to aspecial decision,he di dnot receive his diploma. in 1984 he was imprisoned again for over two years.
in 1987 married(Now he has a wife,three sons and one daughter).
In 1988 he was imprisoned for the third time, more than a year.

In 1993 he be came an employee in one of the departments of the Ministry of Culture. In 2006 until now He,his wife and four children have been living in Norway since 2006 protected by police.

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